Pretreatment Plants

Pretreatment Plants
Pretreatment Plants
Before coating any item, we must ensure that the surface of the coating items should be clean & should not contain oil or grease. To achieve above desired condition pre-treatment of the item is made in the PRE-TREATMENT PLANTS.

Pre-Treatment is very essential when Powder coating of the Item is done. The powder coating exhibits higher cohesion to the job, but have lower adhesive property, hence to enhance this adhesive property of the powder we must have very clean surface.
There are two types of treatment plants
1) Liquid dip type treatment plants
2) Spray booths type treatment plants

We at AJINKYA manufacture both types of plants. Our quality of manufacture is excellent.
We purchase the raw material required for pre-treatment plants from reputed venders, and our incoming Quality control dept checks all parameters before accepting the material.
We have a very good in process quality control system which continuously checks the quality the products different levels.
State inspection is done at every stage, and it is confirmed that the operation is carried out as per desired mentioned in the process sheet and drawing.
Final check up is also done, and then only this is certified for further dispatch. The pre-treatment plants should be sturdy, it should be durable / long life, Corrosion resistant and easy for maintenance.
All the pre-treatment plants have very good digital temperature control and comprehensive control panels.