Powder Coating Spray Booth - Dry Filter Booths, Water Wash Booths

With Multi Cyclone Recovery Booth
Cartridge Type Recovery Booth ( Stainless Steel )
The spraying booths are used for actual spraying the powder / liquid on to the surface of the job to be coated.

There care mainly two types of liquid / powder coating booths.
1) Dry filter booths
2) Water wash booths

We manufacture both types of booths.

1) Dry filter booths
They are very simple in construction and the replacement of the filter is very fast, no loss of production time. Other accessories are Fan and Motors. Both fans and motors are manufactured as per standards and they are tested at our end, for the efficiency, & performance.
These booths are mainly suitable for Manual paint spraying, or mechanized paint spraying.
Hence these are not used for Powder-coating plants.

2) For powder coating plants, water wash booths are used.
They are mainly used for fume extraction, and Air replacements.
All the accessories like Pump, Water Scrub system, Brass spray nozzles, valves all are made from good quality raw material, purchased from reputed vendor, and all the parts are inspected by our receipt inspection dept carefully and then only passed for assembly. Our spraying booths have following features
Easy for maintenance
Easy for cleaning
More than one colour capability
Switching from one colour to other is at ease, and without loss of production.
Noise levels are very low and safe
Powder recovery is maximum, Cost effective.
Powder Coating Spray Booth
Powder Coating Spray Booth
Powder Coating Spray Booth
  • Up to 98% Efficiency
  • M.S. Powder Coated PanelĀ for Booth Chamber or stainless steel option
  • Easy cleaning & Quick Colour change
  • Plastic jar or Plastic binĀ for Powder Collection
  • Specially designed High Capacity Blower
  • Special Booth Used for Aluminum sections. specially designed for Aluminum or M.S. section at a time
Recovery Booth
Recovery Booth and Gun
Recovery Booth
Recovery Booth