Curing Ovens - Batch Type Curing Ovens

Once the part or object has been powder coated it is then placed in the oven, where it is baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

The modular concept is used during designing the curing furnaces. High grade rockwool insulation is used while manufacturing the curing ovens. Our curing ovens have excellent heat distribution system.
Majority of the ovens have heat exchangers. Some ovens are direct fired. Over heat protection i.e. over heat protection is done by using different types of relays as per requirement.

• Electrical Heating Curing Ovens

Electrical Heating Oven
• H.S.D. ( Diesel ) Fired, L.P.G. ( Gas ) Fired Oven Direct & heat exchanger type
• Available in different capacity as per the article and can be used for water drying / PVC pre & Post Heating Temperature variation from 100o C to 300o C
H.S.D. ( Diesel ) Fired, L.P.G. ( Gas ) Fired Oven
• Gas Fired Oven
  Gas Fired Over
• Conveyorised Plant • Bakery Oven
Conveyrised Plant
Bakery Oven