Control Panels For Powder Coating Equipments

Control Panels For Powder Coating Equipments
Control panels for powder coating equipments

Control panels are very critical in Powder coating plants. All the safety of the powder coating plants depends on successful designing and manufacturing of the control panel. There are various types of control panels used for powder coating depending upon type of powder coating, system of automation,

There are different types of control panels

1) Conventional type control panels using common contactors and different types of relays.
2) PLC Based Control Panels
3) Advanced Control Panels like touch screen control panels.
4) Scada Based Control Panels

We manufacture all the different types of control panels at our end. PLC based control panels

We manufacture all types of control panels suitable for Powder Coating Equipments.
We use all standard parts for our control panel.
The contactors, relays, plc all are purchased from reputed venders.
We have testing team, which tests control panel for its operations.
No compromise is made in the case of quality for the performance of the control panels.